Company Overview

Day after day, scientists and researchers are confronted with various questions about beautiful skin. The wishes were and still are always the same: How can we have healthy skin? Is there truely an optimal skin care for me?
Many years of intensive research with skin cells led to a spark of inspiration. If we put isolated cells into pure water, they die. But if you put them into a cell nutrient fluid similar to that found in the skin, they survive. How come, then, shouldn’t this vitally important cell nutrient fluid also be used in cosmetic products? 
It is eventually the natural environment – the elixir of life – for cells and provides them with vital nutrients around the clock. BS Skin Care Series is the result of this logical consideration: the first care that is not based on any kinds of water, but on a cell nutrient fluid which very similar to our skin. This is the answer to the daily questions about the best possible skin care. Because it gives the skin what it needs to live and makes it look healthy.
We BS Skin care thus has the mission to give your cells life and your skin a healthy radiance.