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1. Updates to these conditions of use

Due to ongoing technical and legal innovations, we have to amend and/or update the existing conditions of use from time to time. Please therefore check each time you use our website when the last version was uploaded. The most recent update was in March 2009.

2. Copyright and other intellectual property rights

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3. Disclaimer of liability

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Privacy policy

We take the subject of data protection and confidentiality very seriously, complying with the applicable national and European data protection regulations. The most important aspects of our data storage are explained below.
We only process and utilise your personal data if you have given your express authorisation.

1. What data do we save?

We save the information which we receive from you, when for example you subscribe to the SBT Skin Biology Therapy newsletter, when you enroll our services or use one of our contact-possibilities.
Moreover, we also record information about your interests by analysing your clicks on the website and in the attention mail via Google Analytics and WebTrends.
When you first make contact with us, we create a profile for you in our database. All further information which you transfer to us at a later date will then also be saved there. The more information we receive from you, the more individual and interesting the offers will be which we submit to you in the future.

2. For what do we use this data?

We use this data exclusively for sending our attention mail, for attending your questions and for statistical market research.

3. For how long is the data saved?

Fundamentally, we save all information which you sent to us for uncertain time.
If you no longer wish us to use your data, we will of course comply with this request immediately (please also refer to section 5).

4. Can you find out what data we hold on you?

Yes. You may obtain information on your stored data at any time.

5. Can you have your stored data deleted?

Yes. Of course, at any time you have the option of having your data partially or completely deleted. Use our contact form on the attention mail to do this. We will comply with your wishes without delay. Insofar as we are required by law to retain the data, the file will be blocked not deleted.

6. What are cookies and do we use them?

Cookies are small text files which may be stored on the hard disk of visitors to websites. The information contained in cookies makes it easier for you to navigate the Web and facilitates the correct display of our Internet pages. Our cookies are unable to identify you as a person.
You can prevent cookies being stored on your hard disk by altering your browser settings appropriately. Information on this can be found in the user manual of your browser manufacturer.

7. Can you be anonymous or use a pseudonym?

Of course. However, please note that we will be unable to complete certain services if we do not know your name and address.

8. Do we pass on your data to third parties?

No, we do not pass on your data to third parties; in particular, your data is not sold, leased or exchanged.
Insofar as we commission other companies as data processors according to Directive 95/46/EC with the completion of our tasks, these companies shall of course also be required to protect your data, only using it for the precisely defined purposes. They are also required to handle the data in accordance with this data protection declaration and applicable legislation.
9. Data security
All data is saved on servers operated with a high level of security and which are protected against misuse and access by unauthorised persons.
Should you have any other questions or suggestions, you can contact our data protection officer by e-mail at any time.