1. Where is BS Skin Care Series’ products import from?

BS Hong Kong imports its key ingredients from Switzerland, Australia and Germany. And the containers are from Mega Plus in Germany.

2. How long does it take to see results from Moisturizing Serum?

With consistent use, it would takes approximately 28 days for the skin to acclimate itself to a new skin care product. First, it will diminish the redness in the stretch marks and scars, then soften and make the treated area less noticeable.

3. Does the Series includes any make-up products?

No, the replacement for make-up in the Series is the Urban Blocker, which is a cream designed to emulsify at body temperature. It provides a complete sun block, is waterproof and breathable, giving light, sheer coverage. It is the final step in proper skin care.

4. Why is it so important to use circular massage when applying the product?

Circular massage warms the skin and helps relax the pores. It also improves circulation, causing a new blood supply to be carried to the surface of the skin. Circular massage is also an excellent way to exfoliate dead skin cells.

5. Why do you need Rose water before applying other products?

Rose water provides a base for your foundation. It fills the pores of your skin, leaving a smooth surface for application of further products. It also seals in moisture for a radiant look.

6. Will the face masque really help reduce the size of my pores?

The Mask is a deep cleanser and moisturizer. It will relax and thoroughly cleanse the pores, extracting trapped oils and dirt. This enables the pores to return to their natural size and appear less visible.

7. What is the best moisturizer for a man?

Both moisturizer cream and serum are excellent for men, depending on their skin type. Serum is more suitable for oily skin.

8. Can I still use the product if have very sensitive skin?

Yes, many lines contain artificial perfumes that can cause allergic reactions. Others do not refine their ingredients or develop them to be properly absorbed by the skin. And some creams do not blend with water or effectively hold moisture in the skin. All BS ingredients are pharmaceutical grade and perfect for sensitive skin.

9. What is the best cream to use on my neck?

The anti-wrinkle cream is specifically made to combat wrinkles on the face and neck area.

10. Is there a difference between oil-dry and moisture-dry skin?

Yes. There are many skin types that are oily and yet lack moisture. Oils are produced by the sebaceous glands and are released onto the skins surface, whereas moisture is within the skin's surface. When you use a drying agent to get rid of the oil it can backfire and your body will create more oils to compensate. BS moisturizing cream is designed to regulate the oils and retain moisture within the skin. Use the Mask to regulate moisture and help balance oily skin.